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S e r a f i m   B a k o u l i s


Serafim Mpakoulis was born in 1932 in Plaka, Athens. He studied painting taught by P. Tetsis and Applied Arts at Athens School of Fine Arts. He studied for 6 years, from 1960 until 1967, in the Department of Casts of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

He was one of the first ten contestants at FLUKART CARTOON Contest.

He is a member of Athens Chamber of Fine Arts.

He published a CARTOON book about tennis in Greece.

He received scholarship and praise at Applied Arts.

He is mentioned in the Greek Artists Vocabulary “Melissa” 1999, p. 177-178, in the Ora Cultural Center book " Modern Greek Art" as well as in the Russian Encyclopedia “Cartoonia”.

His works are displayed at the Ministry of Culture and Education, in private collections.

They are also part of the Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus.

His studio is in Maroussi, Attica.



1973 Art Gallery “Kreonidis” Athens

1976 Art Gallery “Nees Morfes” Athens

1979 Gallery of Corinth Corinth

1981 Art Gallery “Kion” Kavala

1982 Art Gallery “Zygos” Athens

1995 Art Gallery “Anemos” Kifissia

1997 Art Gallery of Publications “Gnosi”  Athens

1997 Art Gallery “Tirins” Karditsa

2007 Art Salon “Oionos” Karditsa

2014 Art Gallery “Kouzina” Athens


2004 1983-2003-2014 Filothei

2005 Bellonio Cultural Center Santorini

2006 Museum of Greek Folk Art Aegina

2008 Gallery “Anemos” Kifissia

2008 M. Ghouma’s Gallery Nafplio

2011 Rififi Athens

2014 Filothei Club Filothei


1967 Youth Biennial Exhibition, Ibiza, Spain

1987 Representation of Greece In Bulgaria

1989 Representation of Greece In Moscow


1967 House of Letters and Arts 

1973 Flower Painting Exhibition, Municipality of NeaSmirni

1982 Art Gallery “Sillogi”, Athens

1984 Gallery “Speysippos”, Athens 

1984 Ionian Cultural Center

1985 University of Athens

1985 International Year of Peace

1985 Art at the Municipalities of Athens

1986 House of Letters and Arts “Antoniadis”, Veria

1986 UNICEF, Athens

1986 Vorres Museum, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the National Gallery 

1987 Gallery “Aiolos”, Kifissia

1987 Gallery “Argo”, Athens

1987 UNICEF, Athens Chamber of Industry

1987 For Peace, Athens

1987 Goulandris Natural History Museum

1988 Famagusta Gate, Nicosia, Cyprus

1988 Gallery “Antenor”, Athens

1990 Gallery “Anemos”, Kifissia

1993 Zappeion Megaron Hall

1993 Greek Modern Art, Municipality of Pefki

1996 Art Exhibition-Cultural Events, Municipality of Anoixi

1997 Art Atletica, Peace and Friendship Stadium

1997 Technopolis, Athens

2001 Gallery “Orous”, Cyprus

2001 Gallery “Gloria”, Cyprus

2001-2005 Gallery “Anemos”, Kifissia

2002 Skoufa Gallery, Athens

2005 Ionos Gallery, Karditsa

2006 Municipal Gallery of Nafplio

2008 Technopolis, Athens

2009 Technopolis, Athens

2010 Technopolis, Athens

2010 The Artist’s Route, Aegina

2011 Technopolis, Athens

2011 The Artist’s Route, Aegina


1966-1985-2003-2004-2005-2008-2009-2017 Greece



➢ Theatis

➢ “Childrens’ Education”

➢ Taxydromos

➢ Eikones

➢ Aegina fistiki

➢ Parapolitika

➢ Ermis Press

➢ Raporto Of Piraeus

➢ Romios

➢ Skaki

➢ Magazine “Colours and Tastes”

➢ Eliaia

➢ Magazine “Pezodromio”

➢ Cartoon Book about tennis in Greece


1984 Contest in Trento, Italy

2004 2nd Contest in Preludio, Uruguay

2005 17th Biennialof Humour, Gabrovo, Bulgaria

2007 18th Biennial of Humour, Gabrovo, Bulgaria

2008 Azerbaijan Contest – Honour Award

2008 Humourfest 15th International Olympic Games Com.DiFoligno, Italy

2008 Serbia Contest

2008 Aydin Dogan Contest, Vafki, Turkey

2009 19th Biennial of Humour, Gabrovo, Bulgaria

2009 15th Haifa Contest, Israel

2009 Biennial, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2009 Contest Knokke-Heist, Belgium

2009 Ruse Art Gallery, Bulgaria – Diploma Award

2009 Daejeon Contest, Korea – Best Cartoon Prize Award

2009 XI Open Contest, Zielona Gora, Poland

2010 Coldoni Contest, Italy

2010 International Tourism Contest, Turkey

2010 2nd Biennial of Humour Louis d’ Oliveira, Guimaraes, Portugal

2010 6th International Contest, Syria

2010 International Contest, Zagreb, Croatia – Prize Award

2010 International Contest, Bahia, Hungary

2010 International Contest, Daejeon, Korea – Best Cartoon Prize Award

2010 International Contest, Fasano, Italy

2010 6th International Contest, Feco, Spain

2010 16th Contest, Haifa, Israel

2010 1st International Contest “The Ron Ron”, Guatemala – 1st Prize Award

2010 2nd International Tourism Contest, Turkey

2010 9th Biennial of Humour and Vigne, Jonzac, France 

2010 International Contest, Russia

2010 International Contest, Jaka Bede, Poland

2010 International Tourism Contest, Turkey

2010 International Contest, Skopje

2010 International Contest, Slovakia

2010 5th International Contest, Zagreb, Croatia

2010 International Contest, Spain

2011 Biennial Contest, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2011 International Contest “De Geus”, Belgium

2011 International Contest, Haifa, Israel

2011 International Contest, Daejeon, Korea – Best Cartoon Prize Award

2011 7th International Contest, Syria

2011 7th International Contest, Hungary

2012 International Contest, Turkey

2012 International Contest, Jaka Bede, Poland

2012 International Contest, Baja, Hungary

2012 4th International Contest, Cyprus

2012 International Contest, Zagreb, Croatia

2012 24th International Contest “OlenseKartonale”, Belgium – 3rd Prize Award

2012 18th International Contest, Haifa, Israel

2012 International Contest, Daejeon, Korea – Best Cartoon Prize Award

2012 International Contest, Nasreddin Hodja, Turkey

2012 4th International Contest, Turkey

2012 African Biennale

2012 1st International Contest, Serbia

2012 German Contest

2013 International Contest, Cyprus – Honour Award

2013 Dutch Cartoon Festival

2013 International Auto Show, Croatia – Special Recognition Award

2013 4th International Contest, Berlin

2013 International Contest, Zielona Gora, Poland

2013 International Contest, Santorini, Greece – 1st Prize Award

2013 International Contest, Korea – Honour Award

2013 Biennale Contest, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2013 International Contest, Belgium

2013 International Tourism Contest, Turkey

2013 International Contest “Salt and Pepper”, Satirical Art Salon, Romania

2014 International Contest, Croatia – 2nd Prize Award

2014 International Contest, Lima, Peru

2014 International Contest, Talide, Germany

2014 International OIive Cartoon Contest, Cyprus

2015 International Contest, Krusevac, Serbia

2015 International Contest, Zemun, Serbia – 3rd Prize Award

2015 International Contest, Gabrovo, Bulgaria 

2015 Biennale International Contest, Bulgaria

2015 International Contest, Zielona Gora, Poland

2015 International Contest, Imittos, Greece

2015 International Contest, Skopje

2015 International Contest, Daejeon, Korea – Best Cartoon Prize Award

2015 International Contest, Niemodlin, Poland

2015 International Contest, Croatia

2016 International Contest, Serbia

2016 International Contest, Zemun, Serbia

2016 International Contest, Skopje

2016 International Contest, Kyrenia, Cyprus

2016 International Contest, Imittos, Greece

2016 International Contest, Croatia – 2nd Prize Award

2016 International Contest, Poland

2016 International Contest, Korea – Honour Award

2017 International Contest, Turkey  



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